Anti-Bullying Workshops

Group Dynamics and Bullying

School Bullying

There is an ever increasing amount of social pressure in our schools and our students often will act in ways outside their comfort zone to “fit in”. Hormonal changes, peer group pressures, group dynamics, jealousy, group labeling, gossip, attention seeking, acts of bullying and  friendship groups make it very difficult for so many. Too many students struggle, often in silence and lack social  coping strategies. It doesn't have to be this way. Character Builders understands this and is a great resource that will complement the schools pastoral care program in the personal development and resilience ofyour students. 

What we do:

We come to you to value add to the schools existing Personal Development program. Our exposure to your students will help to surface problems associated with bullying and poor group dynamics.

  • We expose poor social group practices and the dynamics of bullying
  • We encourage students to take ownership of their role in the social group dynamic
  • We then promote positive strategies for better group interactions
  • We highlight the benefits of a safe group environment and each persons responsibility to a sustainable positive peer culture

How do we get the message across?

We get the message across through our short presentations and interactive daily workshops. To find out how afforable and yet invaluable we can be for your school contact us via the tab to the right. All our programs are specifically tailored to each and every school.

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