Amanda Gore

Presenter:   Amanda Gore                                                                         

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A communications and performance expert, Amanda Gore uses latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, epigenetics, and emotional intelligence, to help business leaders achieve the results they need by getting people engaged in, enthusiastic about and aligned with corporate goals and vision. And by creating joyful workplaces that lead to better performance.

For too long business has been paralysed by its over analysis of data.  Amanda will help you re-connect to the energy and emotional layers that really drive performance, innovation, relationships, engagement and creativity in your business and life. Within a few short minutes, Amanda breaks down the barriers that separate people, and from that moment forward it’s a fun, invigorating, action packed ride towards self discovery and ultimately, real and lasting change. Through funny, energising presentations, enhanced by decades of scientific discovery and personal  experience, Amanda will both entertain, facilitate changes behaviour and move your audience to action.

Her programs change the tone of your conference, whether by kick-starting it with laughter and connecting people by breaking down barriers, or sending your attendees off on an emotional and inspired high. Amanda believes success in business is always about feelings - the way we feel about something or someone determines how we behave - and whether we do business with them or not - and the way we interact. Our perceptions determine our feelings which directly affect our behaviour. Until we change our perceptions, we won’t change our behaviour. Amanda changes perceptions. And feelings.

 Author of five books and several DVD and audio training programs, she researches for 2 months every year and has a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy, a major in psychology, and expertise in neuroscience, ergonomics, positive psychology, group dynamics, stress management, neurolinguistics, and emotional intelligence.

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