Kokoda Team Builder

If you would like some adventure and a great outdoor pursuit than this might be the one for you. Your team will be challenged and inspired as they reinact the footsteps of both ANZAC and Japanese soldiers.

Kokoda offers a great insight towards seeing both sides of any story. Based on true accounts from x-diggers (both Australian and Japanese) your team is sure to embrace the spirit needed to build a team. Look no further than this guaranteed cultural day of:

  • adventure and survival skills,
  • problem solving in the outdoors,
  • co-operation and sharing of duties,
  • running a base camp,
  • conduct recon missions in the bush,
  • prep fires and cook lunch,
  • share goals for the trek ahead,
  • and more

All equipment, food and instructional activities included. All activities have been designed to allow for different strengths and capabilities. No one gets left behind on this day.

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