Mini Olympics Team Building

Picture a sports carnival with lateral thinker activities, plenty of team building challenges and traditional events all rolled into one. Step out of the office and into the stadium as we prepare for some competitive fun. We have hosted this event at indoor sports centers, playing fields, at the beach and at clients workplace.

On this day, it’s not the fastest, fittest and strongest that win. We will provide you with tailored events designed at bringing out the best in each one of your staff. Your team will grow a finer appreciation for the differences in each other as together they work together to get the job done. Your team will see that with teamwork they can be more productive and also achieve greater harmony which can be transfered back in the workplace. This day caters for all levels of fitness and capabilities. All games are safe, fun and allow for all participants to shine. Suitable for teams of 8+

Problem Solvers, Trust Games, Team Challenges, Lateral Thinkers, Brain Strains and so much fun!!!!

Team Bulding Mini Olympics Team Bulding Mini Olympics Team Bulding Mini Olympics


An energetic and effective way to encourage teamwork and  break down barriers for new people meeting each other for the first time.  The activities catered for all abilities and ages and gauging by the laughter , a great time was had by all involved.

Andrew Hadley, Group General Manager - Strategy & Marketing CUA

We can provide exceptional catering and drnk service for the day. Our team are well experienced at providing everything to make this day run smoothly from start to finsh. Now.. take your marks!!!

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