Personal and Peer Development

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Here are some ideas and suggestions for teachers - Why not brainstorm some of these points with your students. Ask them what they think???


No one has ever imposed a belief in you without you allowing it to happen.


No one can make you feel really bad or good unless you agree.


You and I hold the key to who we are no matter what others say to us.


Yes, other people can be so cruel and deliberately try to hurt you.


But only if you let them.... And dont you let them!!!

Remember that life is beautiful and as you understand your character more so will others. Once you find strength in your own character and accept your weaknesses others will do the same. 

Read through the pargraphs below and answer the questions. You might like to engage "Think-Pair-Share" or small groups for this. Enjoy!!

                            Be smart about what you hear


It is really important for you to be able to put things into perspective. This means that you should make sure that what you see and hear is logical. For example, if someone is rude and disrespectful to another student you know that this is inappropriate so don’t model this behavior and definitely don’t join in.

When we are at school we don’t really realize the beliefs and practices being imposed on us by others. Sometimes we assume and accept what other people say to us to be correct because we are very open to taking in lots of information. While this is an amazing gift to be able to learn so much it is also potentially dangerous if we take on some things that we don’t fully understand or believe in. Often we don’t know why some things are said to us.

Can you think of a time when you were unsure of how to respond to what someone said to you because it challenged your feeling of self worth ? How did you deal with the situation? What could you do the next time something like this happens?

The importance of good self talk


Did you know that you are constantly talking to yourself? Every day you ask your self hundreds and hundreds of questions. You try and make sense of the world around you and often need to run some things past yourself to see if it makes sense. A good example is Homer Simpson. Can you remember seeing Homer try and think of something to say when he is put on the spot? He usually follows it with a doh! Do you sometimes see cartoons where the character is thinking out loud but no-one else can hear him or her. This is self-talk. As you size up a situation you can have a great impact on the outcome depending on whether your response is positive or negative. Sometimes people have negaitiv self talk while playing sport. This can affect their performance on the field or court. This is no different in everyday life. Negative self talk affects your performance.

What is an affirmation? How can you use positive affirmations to increase your standard of life?

           Mistakes are essential for growth

The first time you tried your ABC you didn't get it right. Right? As we get oler we can have a tendancy to lose that innocence as an infant when we failed. On lifes journey it is easy to take knocks and feel like we are been tested. Report cards, NAPLAN, assessments and competiton in life can be a very overwhleming combination of pressures for young people. As we get older it only intensifies. Have you got the coping mechanisms to run your own race? If not, maybe it's time to cut yourself some slack. Maybe, you need to focus on the things that you do well. Maybe you already do this... Well done! As we make mistakes we grow and learn how to do things better. It might help to acknowledge out loud that you didn't get through a challenge and at the same time tell yourself what you will do next time. In any case, accept that life is full of imperfections and nobody is perfect.

Can you think of something you are very good at? How did you become so good at this thing?

WORKSHEET - Please copy and paste into your own document.

What is your self-esteem like? Following is a list of questions that you might like to consider and answer quietly to yourself. Often we are more honest when no one else needs to hear. This will help you to see yourself more clearly.


  • What is the one thing that makes me most happy in my life?
  • What is it about this thing that makes me happy?



  • What is the single biggest problem which clouds my life at the moment?
  • How often do I think about this problem?
  • Is it life threatening?



  • Which person do I have very strong feelings for? This might be someone your age or someone in your family or outside of school.
  • What qualities does this person have that you like?



  • Is there someone that you really clash or fight with?
  • Why does this clash or fight take place?
  • What part of this situation are you to blame for and what can you do to resolve the problem?



  • What are some of the good things I do for others?
  • What are my good points, strengths or qualities?



  • What things make me jealous and who are the people involved?
  • What are some of my bad points or behaviors?


  • Of the following areas in my life how do I see my self happiness? Give a score between one and ten. 1 is for poor and 10 is for great.


    1. Academic/school work             ___________
    2. Sports                                   ___________
    3. Social/friends                          ___________
    4. Family life                               ___________
    5. Music/Art/Culture                    ___________
    6. School life                               ___________
    7. Appearance                             ___________


 Your self esteem can be hard to gauge in your mind alone. After thinking about all the answers to the questions above and scoring from 1-10 on your happy scale you may start to get a clearer picture of how you see yourself.

Remember that life is beautiful and as you understand your character more so will others. Once you find strength in your own character and accept your weaknesses others will do the same.  

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