Personal Development

Safe Driver Training

We can bring our driver simulators to you or welcome you out to one of our test drive tracks. Our programs come with real life scenarios and practical hands-on the wheel experiences. Large Group? No worries! Contact us to see how and why we are the best in Driver Training.

Self Defence through Self Awareness (separate offerings for boys and girls)


Our aim is to help boys connect their feelings, thoughts and actions. In this program we encourage boys to identify with strategies in their physical behaviour and appearance. For example, how to connect body language, stance, eye-contact, breath and composure in challenging situations. 


Many girls are unfortunately their own worst enemy. The greatest defence for girls is the awareness of their own self-inflicted thoughts and insecurities. This is not to say that all girls are insecure human beings. Rather, our experience tells us that social media, fashion, peer group pressure and frequent gossip make it a very hard environment in which girls can just be themselves.  Our self defence program empowers girls with resilient strategies focusing on self-acceptance, positive persona, affirmations and controlling thoughts.

School Camps/Facilitation with a contact us window embedded

School Camps - want a 'one-stop-shop' for all your camp needs. We work closely with key providers and can get you the best deals and save you all the time and efforts. We can take care of all the work for you and process everything from:

  • Locations and Venues
  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Transport
  • Letters home to families
  • And more

While Character Builders outsources the above “at the best price” (same if you went direct) we genuinely offer full facilitation and the smooth running of the camp activities. As a guide you can budget for this aspect of the camp with the following costs:

  • 1 day facilitation - $25 per student
  • 2 days - $45 per student
  • 3 days - $60 per student

We have a plethora of activities and experiences for you to choose from including but not limited to Team Building Games, Adventure Hikes ad Treasure Hunts, Beach Olympics, Arts and  Canvas Workshops, Outdoor Adventure Pursuits, Aquatic Games and Sports, Night Time Activities and more.

Guest Speakers with a contact us window embedded

Need help to get the message across?

Character Builders specialises in conveying the vital messages needed by students during their transitional years.Presentations are always tailored to the schools needs and can cover:

  • Year 7 and Senior Leadership (Popular)
  • Preparing for Senior Years
  • Confidence in teenage girls and boys
    (linked to Bullying and Group Dynamics)
  • Bullying and Group Dynamics (Popular)
  • Excellence and Sporting program

And more..

  • Young girls in the Digital Age
  • Seeing Out Year 12
  • Peer Group Pressure
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem (Popular)
  • Respectful Relationships
  • Mental and Physical Fitness (*New)


Our approach towards leadership is to empower your leaders with a sense of responsibility and respect to their role of service. Our clear messages include:

  • Leadership through service - "get your hands dirty approach"
  • Powerful leadership through effective communication
  • Values and sense of others
  • How to incorporate shared leadership - "empowering others"

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Bullying and Group Dynamics

Character Builders focuses on the real issue surrounding Bullying. Our presentation is interactive and engages feedback from the audience in an attempt to expose poor group dynamic behaviours. This presentation helps your student cohorts' awareness of the importance behind:

  • Building confidence in self while supporting confidence in others
  • Assertive skills needed for the group dynamic
  • Bystander behaviour and disapproval of bullying practices
  • Consciousness of Conscience

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  • Short guest speaker presentations
  • 1-2 hour workshops/presentations
  • Half and full day workshops/presentations
  • Facilitation of overnight camps and retreats

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