Public Speaking

Public Speaking

“Speech is power: the power to persuade, to convert, to compel.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

From sweaty palms to cracking voices, many people place public speaking in their list of top 10 greatest nightmares. But despite the associated anxiety, there are a number of personal and professional benefits to public speaking. A good public speaker can build upon their professional credibility through networking and negotiation. On an individual level, public speaking is a great way to build confidence, develop persuasion techniques and improve upon your personal relationships.  

Character Builders is now offering tailored public speaking programs for individuals and businesses across Queensland. Our public speaking experts have extensive experience delivering presentation and communication skills to individuals and businesses all over the world.

Our public speaking course provides valuable techniques and one-to-one coaching in the following areas:

  • workplace and personal communication skills
  • presenting to small and large audiences
  • physical presence and body language
  • voice training and accent neutralisation
  • interviewing techniques
  • presenting to camera
  • conference presentations

As one of Queensland’s leading providers of corporate training programs, our public speaking program  is designed for corporate teams and individuals who need to improve their confidence, pronunciation  and communication skills. We cater to all ages, abilities, group sizes and budgets and our public speaking programs are available in all major states and cities throughout Australia.

For more information, or to book your place in our public speaking program, call 1300 205 101 or email us at today.

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