School Leadership Experiences

Character Builders is a vibrant consultancy for schools offering a wide range of programs, experiences and activities aimed at developing confidence, respect, resilience and self-esteem.

Character Builders leadership experiences are a great way to challenge your students with fun, interactive and meaningful way. Research has shown that students best memories of their schooling days were actually when they were not experiencing usual school day routine. The reason behind this is that they are able to step outside of their usual day and therefore are more open to engaging in new experiences.

Rest assured our leadership experiences are planned specifically to bring new understandings and personal growth for your students.

- All activities are Risk Assessed
- A Full itinerary with timings and key information is provided for all experiences outside the school
- Our facilitators always connect with students

Check out some of our offerings below: 


CBD Photo Treasure Hunt


     Team Building                                                       


Gather your team and zip around the CBD in this fun filled outdoor leadership pursuit. Armed with a digital camera, budget and a character Builders treasure pack your students will love this challenge. Your day will be full of photographic action shots, adventure, activities and riddles. Speed is not the answer on this day. Teamwork, stepping up at times, stepping back at others, following and communicating are all key ingredients for success. The event is tailored to age level and the local city CBD limits. This challenge is a great way to bring your students closer together by having them:

  • problem solve
  • utilise limited resources
  • prioritise  
  • set goals
  • break down barriers
  • meet deadlines
  • think laterally
  • learn about each other
  • enjoy the day

This activity is very popular among our corporate clients. The same principles are needed for school students looking to develop leadership and vital social skills. This activity is a certain crowd-pleaser and will leave your students and staff with great pictures for their year books and school memories. Suitable for numbers up to 250+.


Kokoda – Leadership Excursion promoting Peer Respect/Teamwork


 Kokoda Leadership         Kokoda Leadership         Kokoda Leadership

Kokoda offers a great insight towards seeing both sides of any story. Based on true accounts from x-diggers (both Australian and Japanese) your team is sure to embrace the spirit needed to build a team. Look no further than this guaranteed day of Australian history, adventure, problem solving, co-operation and more as your students set up base camp, recon missions in the bush, prepare a BBQ lunch and tackle obstacles. All equipment, food and instructional activities included. This is an exceptional outdoor experience that unites all students. Teachers love to come on this day as they witness students stepping up to challenges that are sometimes not so available in the confines of the school grounds. We also treat the teachers to a special eski. Don't tell the students!!


  • Respect among peers
  • Leadership skills
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience and tolerance
  • Learning about Australian History


  • Reconnaissance missions
  • Receiving orders
  • Food preparation
  • Team challenges

    Suitable for numbers up to 200.


"The Whites Hill students found the Kokoda experience provided by Character Builders to be challenging, rewarding, daunting, team building and exciting all rolled into one!

They have openly stated that it was their best day of year 11. Many Thanks to Damon and Tom for such a great adventure..."

Adam Lamb
Whites Hill State College

Character Builders Amazing Race


The Great race            Team Building

The Amazing Race is a fun leadership and team experience that requires each student to work with their peers to complete a number of challenges in any setting, City, Bush, Beach and more. Character Builders and school staff facilitate each station challenge and encourage students to problem solve, collaborate and encourage each other during the process. It is always encouraged that staff get involved and enjoy in the fun. This heightens the involvement of students and sets a great example for all involved. We will provide all materials for the Amazing Race and we can be very flexible to design the stations in areas that are safe and risk assessed. This is a very successful team building experience and has been enjoyed by many of our valued school clients.  Suitable for numbers 250+.


  • Respect among peers
  • Teamwork
  • Opportunities to build new friendship groups

Mini  Olympics

Team Building

Picture a sports carnival with lateral thinker activities, plenty of leadership, team building challenges and traditional events all rolled into one. Step out of the classroom and into the stadium (or at one of the beautiful CBD parklands) as we prepare for some competitive fun. On this day, it’s not the fastest, fittest and strongest that win. We will provide you with tailored events designed at bringing out the best in each one of your students. Staff will have a great time as well. This day caters for all levels of fitness and capabilities.

All games are safe, fun and allow for all participants to shine. Suitable for numbers up to 200.

Beach Olympics available for school camps or day retreats!!!

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
       The Big Picture     

They say a picture paints a thousand words so to help get the message across we have designed a canvas workshop where each student as part of team must work together to make sense of the ‘big picture’.  Starting with an individual canvas, students must work together and design a team canvas to finally gel with part of giant canvas structure for the entire cohort. Our facilitators will take your students through a safe self-discovery and team bonding session to help them identify with their ‘big picture’. This is a very powerful leadership activity that helps all students to acknowledge themselves and each other as part of the cohort. We supply all facilitation, paints, canvases, drop sheets and materials. The finished product is a real possession for the school and will look great as a feature for any wall.



Duration: 2-3 hours

Cost: Contact for Pricing

The  Domino Theory

In World War 1 and 2 the Domino Theory was one of the West's greatest fears. As countries in the world fought to take possession of land the west believed that as one country toppled so too might the next and the next and so on. Today the theory used by Character Builders is a little different. Our focus is to encourage the positive vibes through team work and a few thousand dominoes.

Get ready to beat frustration and this tricky character builder. Coupled with little time and a huge supply of dominoes your students and staff will need to pull together, step up to lead and beat the clock and assemble a faultless domino rally. Are you up for this leadership challenge?

Duration: 1-2 hours

Cost: Contact for Pricing


Character Builders Master Crepe

Character Builders facilitators will engage a fun and time focused Master Crepe making leadership team builder for your students.

Students must:

  • Make the perfect crepe
  • Work to a strict timeline to deliver a sumptuous morning/afternoon tea for their peers
  • Name, design and enjoy creating delicious combos and accompaniments
  • Compete and present the best tasting crepe sensation to a panel of judges
  • Have a wonderful time


Duration: 2-3 hours

Cost: Contact for Pricing

Move Over Maccas

The Character Builders pack sumptuous burger kits ready for the ultimate lunchtime burger experience. In small teams students will be issued a full BBQ kit inclusive of all ingredients and utensils needed to make the ultimate burger. Each member of the team will be encouraged to contribute towards the delicious end product.

Move Over Maccas is a wonderful character building and leadership experience that brings students together through prep, cooking and enjoying lunch together.

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: Contact for Pricing

Character Builders Full Day School Incursion

School Retreats         

Ideal for:

  • Leadership preparation
  • Group dynamic education (team building and peer culture)
  • Personal development
  • End of term celebrations

This day is always tailored to the specific need of each school and includes a 1 hour presentation on any of Character Builders presentation options. Also, schools will be able to choose from interactive, fun and practical sessions. Options include any of the above program combinations including:


- The Amazing Race
- Character Builders Photo Treasure Hunt
- The Bigger Picture
- The Domino Theory
- Master Crepe
- Move Over Maccas

Character Building Short Presentations:

Public Speaking: The Big Up (acknowledging others)
- Goal Setting & Creating Vision
- Personal Story Telling: Self Awareness
- Planting the seed for leadership
- and more

Duration: Full Day

Cost: Contact for Pricing

Character Builders Full Day Leadership Retreat

School Retreats    School Retreats   School Retreats  Treasure Hunt

South or North Stradbroke Island, Binna Burra, Mt Tamborine, Mt Coot-tha, Coolum, Maleny and Currumbin           

This day is always tailored to the specific need of each school and includes a short leadership presentation on any of Character Builders presentation options. Also, schools will be able to choose from interactive, fun and practical sessions. Options include adventure sports activities, Amazing Race, Cooking Experiences, wilderness adventure walks, nature photo treasure hunt, canvas in the wilderness, guided meditation and more. Suitable for numbers 250+

Ask about our Beach Escape at Currumbin Alley or Noosa featuring Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Beach Challenges and a whole lot more.

Mini or BEach Olympics

All leadership experiences offered by Character Builders aim to offer exceptional support and quality service from start to finish, and are underpinned by the rights of all to:

- be treated with fairness, respect and dignity
- live, work, learn and play in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment