Staff Team Building

School PD

We host a variety of staff pd workshops including:

- Work Place Connectedness
- One Language for Character Education (what does it look, sound and feel like?)
- Inclusive Classroom Practices
- Empowering your students with Character

    1-2 hours
           Please contact us

School Staff Team Building

Character Builders currently works with a number of corporate and government clients. School staff are no different in that they too need an opportunity to step out of their office/"classroom" and have some fun outside the school grounds.
Why not bring your staff together with:

  • Outdoor Adventure day,
  • Boat Cruise or Island Retreat,
  • Team Tapas
  • Mini-Olympics,
  • Golf Day,
  • Adventure Race,
  • Ready Steady Cook and so much more.


We also come to you and can offer great school based activities. Sometimes it's nice to put down the books and focus on the culture of the team. For more,
contact us via our contact form or phone 1300 205 101

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