Strategic Leadership Consultancy

Ngaire Tagney

Ngaire Tagney offers programs tailored to your needs in the following areas:

Strategic Thinking and Action Planning

Leadership and Managing Change Effectively

Building a Professional Learning Environment 

Ngaire does this through:

One-off workshops/lectures/information giving sessions
Half-day sessions
Full-day sessions
Extended contract programs   

All programs/projects are site specific and based on the needs of the organisation and include:

Pre-session consultation
A contract for the program
Materials for the sessions
A negotiated number of sessions including practical leadership and team building actvities
Organisational support for the duration of the project
Follow-up consultation with an evaluation, and a report for the organisation

About Ngaire Tagney

In the many roles I have undertaken as an educator: classroom teacher, literacy consultant, curriculum leader and Principal, I took the opportunity to develop my personal skills in the area of strategic thinking and planning, and used these to innovatively plan, present and implement a range of programs requested by learning organisations.

My experiences include workshops, conference papers, and managing change in a variety of settings and formats. I am a skilled presenter and an exceptional leader in workplace learning, and bring exciting experiences in Australia and Papua New Guinea educational systems to my work as a consultant.

My passion for learning, influences the planning and implementation of programs, designed to assist your organisation develop creatively for the 21st century.

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