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Building Character Through A Global Crisis

Our team at Character Builders have been journeying through the uncertainty of COVID-19 over the past month. We have been busily preparing for the closure and shutdown of our engagements while simultaneously developing online support for our valued clients. The contagion has challenged us to be the best we can be both as individuals and as an organization – this blog narrates the problem-solving process of our small business faced with unforeseen circumstances.

We are all aware that COVID-19 has more-or-less stopped the world in its tracks and caused huge amounts of fear and uncertainty. As a consultancy, we have received an extensive amount of disruption to our engagements and bookings. Following this, over the last 2 weeks our team has had a number of meetings internally and with suppliers and clients to plan some kind of strategic path through the haze which is COVID-19. Initially, like many other organizations, we had no idea of what was coming, but as the days and weeks have progressed our general sense of naivety became replaced with the very serious reality of the coronavirus.

Initially, we had promoted online materials that were heavily discounted and readily available online for our valued networks. We wanted to give back in a time of uncertainty and provide our service online to support pastoral care and wellbeing needs while schools were preparing for distance learning. However, the very small uptake of this online offering highlighted just how devastating the coronavirus really was to our network of schools and businesses. Very few families, schools and organisations had any surplus funds to spend on their wellbeing and personal development. Character Builders went back to the drawing board once again!

As a consultancy we started to challenge ourselves to look at things differently. We lead with empathy and humanity in order to understand the needs of folks affected by this pandemic – individuals, families, schools, organisations – and the uncertain paths they all face as the contagion takes its course. We asked ourselves ‘How can we best be of service?’, and after careful consideration and collaboration we came up with a game plan that was a unanimous winner.

Parents and teaching staff are adapting day-by-day with the uncertainty around school closures. At a moments notice staff may need to completely digitalize their teaching, and parents will need to adapt in order to continue to balance work. In tumultuous times as these pastoral care support is more important than ever to help emotionally and mentally support and strengthen our students. Well that’s our service… and now it’s online and it’s free!

Introducing… The BIG CHARACTER Challenge! This is a completely free and 100% online pastoral care and wellness program spanning all of Term 2 for 2020. This resource is designed as an automated and self-directed program that is jam-packed with 10 weeks of curated and meaningful content for schools and families during this time. We know teachers and families are stretched – we know our students are restless – and as such we know this resource will be extremely valuable! We are happy to help and now we just need – YOU!

Character Builders and the rest of the Character Group would like you to join us on The Big Character Challenge. Lasting over 10 weeks you will receive 1 Character Toolbox each week (and much more!) and we will be encouraging you to challenge and build your character strengths during this time. The challenge extends to all age groups, abilities and preferences. We have carefully designed a host of learning experiences that are ideal for building character and supporting the wellbeing of students and their families. We are taking registrations every day. It is totally free and waiting for you and your family!

Of course, at Character Builders we know that building character really happens when we are faced with challenges in life. Over these last few weeks our team has been given a reminder of just how challenging things can get, and also just how resilient we can be to step up! The range of emotions experienced across our teams and our networks were anything and everything from vulnerability and fear to acts of kindness and support. But, like many other businesses, we are united and committed to seeing this difficult time through. Within our organization signs of vulnerability and uncertainty have now changed to capability and strength of character.

It has been an exciting few days of restructure and focus and after journeying through the big questions and roadblocks we’ve found ourselves clear headed and ready to deliver. The only missing link in the chain is you.

To register for The BIG CHARACTER Challenge simply click the link below and look out for your first eToolbox arriving in your inbox Monday 20 April, 2020.

Sign Up Here for The BIG CHARACTER Challenge

We can’t wait to share this resource with you!

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