Our opportunities for growth – a reflection

We have been privileged to work with some amazing schools and clients so far in 2018.  As much as we have shared and taught, we have been gifted just as many opportunities of learning and growth from the people we work with.

Some of the best insights (both personal and professional), come from the places you least expect it.  It is the candid yet complex “Big Ups” between two young students that makes you look at your own honesty and transparency in relationships.  It is the thought provoking and considered “Your Story” shared in a group that makes you aware of and grateful for your own story.  It is always both fun and joyful to be invited into any team building experience, they remind you of how important play is as part of connection.

Each one of our experiences is purposefully created with specific objectives and outcomes in mind, tailored to the age of the participants and delivered with the utmost respect and consideration for everyone who partakes.  Character Builders’ programs are not only fun, interactive and engaging, they also offer endless opportunity for growth and learning (for both the participants AND our own team!)

We are so lucky to do the work we do, thank you to everyone we have worked with so far in 2018.

“Our Y6 students spent a morning thinking, laughing, collaborating and learning together. The Character Builders staff did an outstanding job preparing meaningful activities and supporting the students to work together and build their leadership capacities.” Steven Clacher, Teacher | Deputy Head of Junior School 4 – 6

“Incredible! For the past 4 years Graceville State School’s Year 5 students have undertaken the Kokoda Challenge run by Character Builders.  Each and every year the students have a wonderful experience, learning what it means to have leadership qualities.  2017 was the best year yet.  Students being put outside of their comfort zone whilst developing collaboration and communication skills effectively. Character Builders support every student and always support the school’s focus areas with their skilful and purposeful planning and implementation.” William Guthrie – Graceville State School.

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