Out of The Box Leadership Experiences

So many schools and organisations want to empower their leaders to serve their respective communities and operations.  In the process of doing so it is often the case that there is a very clear set of desired outcomes that the school or organisation is looking for

Developing trends in the 21st century demand that leaders possess skills in creativity, vulnerability and persistence.  These can often be overlooked or diminished when future leaders are not given the opportunity to broaden their horizons and working place environments.  For these reasons we are strong advocates for experiential learning outside the class and boardroom.

One such experience is Character Builders CBD Photo Treasure Hunt.  Participating leaders are encouraged to step outside of the norm and unlock their social and emotional skill set as they unravel clues, problem solve, laterally interpret and communicate with each other.  This entire series of skills is further challenged with time constraints, budget limitations, and a plethora of external influences.  It is prominent during these times that one’s character and leadership capacity is poised for growth.

Just like the CBD Photo Treasure Hunt we facilitate a host of exciting out of the box leadership experiences.  For more information on ways your school or organisation can foster leadership, please contact one of the Characters in our team!

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