My Character Journal


…What one’s mind creates one’s character can control…We designed the Character Journal to empower youth with the ability to reflect, become self-aware, mindful and positive about their experiences in life.

At the core of My Character Journal is the understanding that one of the greatest possessions in life is neither a grade, a trophy or status; but the awareness that true fulfilment in one’s life comes from being a decent human being and an authentic version of one’s self.

My Character Journal is a beautiful educational resource and the perfect complement for schools looking to build positive wellbeing and culture. The journal is designed to adapt to any pastoral care initiative and encourages student ownership. It is easy to follow and will become self-regulatory after just a few guided sessions. There is a fabulous teachers manual which highlights how students can be active facilitators of the program, allowing each student a chance to develop leadership skills and a sense of service learning with their peers. Created by eager youth, talented educators and caring mental health professionals for the youth of today.

The 2020 My Character Journal can be enjoyed over multiple year levels at the same time.

For example we recommend two approaches for both primary and middle school.

Primary – Years 5 and 6
Middle School – Years 7, 8 and 9

The benefits of multiple year levels working on My Character Journal at the same time include:

  • Common Language Across Cohorts
  • Collaborative Positive Education Across Year Levels
  • Consistent Call To Action To More Students

As a Visible Wellbeing School, Iona College has introduced the ‘My Character Journal’ to assist Primary students in better understanding their character strengths. Each stimulus provides a starting point for students and teachers to generate meaningful discussions around any given strength, which in turn, creates opportunities for new understandings and personal growth. I would thoroughly recommend this resource to support any existing Wellbeing program.

~ Troy Condon | Assistant Head of Primary Years Wellbeing and Formation, Iona College. Brisbane, Qld.

To Order My Character Journal you can simply contact us: Ph 1300 205 101 or make an enquiry on our contact form.

SINGLE JOURNAL (a beautiful gift)
  • A beautifully crafted journal.
  • An online generated support letter for parents to help their child get the most out of their Character Journaling experience.
To Order please fill out a contact form with your address and quantity you wish to order.
  • 20 or more beautifully crafted journals.
  • PDF support letter for parents to help their child get the most out of their character journaling experience.
  • Full Teachers’ Manual with a plethora of Character Building, POSED and Pastoral Care Support activities.
Please note we can supply these to bookstores to add to your students booklists or deliver straight to your school. Contact us for pricing
  • All the benefits of the Schools Package, PLUS
  • 2 hour Professional Development Workshop at your school.
  • All the benefits of the Schools Package, PLUS
  • Fabulous character-building day at your school to introduce focus on mindfulness, character strengths, collaborative learning and mental health.
  • Every student receives a journal and is guided on the best practice for getting the most out of their journaling experience.
We can tailor packages for varying needs (example: Staff PD) so please feel free to contact us for more.
Character Journal including delivery (Australia wide) $35
2 x Character Journal including delivery (Australia wide) $65
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