push outside comfort zone
Is it really necessary to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones?

“The comfort zone is a behavioural state within which a person operates in an anxiety-neutral condition, using a limited set of behaviours to deliver a steady level of performance, usually without a sense of risk.”
Judith Bardwick, Author, “Danger in the Comfort Zone”

While we exist and operate within our comfort zone, there isn’t a lot of incentive to reach for new heights with consideration to our performance and knowledge. Staying within this zone although it feels safe it leads to a plateau in our progress. When we push ourselves through the ‘Fear Zone’, we find ourselves in a zone of learning and growth that assists us in the future to solve problems in new ways, acquire new skills and realise just how much we are capable of.

Some benefits of leaving your comfort zone and breaking new ground include:
1. Self-actualization
2. Development of a growth mindset
3. Resilience and antifragility
4. Greater self-efficacy

Motivation to step outside our comfort zones can come in many forms however research* has shown that individuals have a threshold where up to a certain point motivation has a positive reaction and beyond that point motivation has a negative reaction.

Character Builders are highly experienced with working with students to assist in helping them to push themselves outside of their comfort zones and realise what they are capable of. We do this in a careful and measured approach and flexible to each individual personality. Regularly we have students come up to us at the end of the day and thank our facilitators for encouraging them to do things differently and for challenging them on their normal line of thinking.

Days like these encourage students to become aware of their potential and to try new things they did not think they were capable of in a safe space. Public speaking, leading others and working as a team are just a few examples.

Student Testimonials:
”I particularly loved the way you challenged us to be courageous to affirm someone who we don’t usually speak to. It was so powerful to see how that activity, allowed my grade to become so much closer and enthusiastic to sharing such affirmations.”
Jess, a Former Student at Brigidine College

”During the Character Builders sessions, one thing I learnt about myself was I like working with people I have never really met before and it makes me a lot happier and encourages me to get out there and be more adventurous.”

”Due to these sessions, in my daily life I am now trying to persevere and do my best even when things get hard.”

”One thing I learnt about myself was I just don’t have to hang out with my friends, I can hang out with other people too.”

”In my daily life I am now trying to listen more to others to get things right and be a better person.”

St Andrew’s Anglican College – Year 6 Students

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*Source: PositivePsychology.com “How to Leave Your Comfort Zone and Enter Your ‘Growth Zone’”

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