My Character Journal

Hopefully by now you have seen or heard of our newest resource, the My Character Journal.

This beautiful journal is the culmination of years of experience, development and time spent working with youth.

We have had a truly remarkable uptake of the journal across Australia, adding it to school book lists, and seeing it rolled out over multiple year levels at a wide range of schools.

My Character Journal empowers youth to be more present, mindful, positive and self-aware.  It is the perfect complement to any pastoral care or positive education program.

The journal engages the Via Character virtues and character strengths and places them in everyday practical situations to help students connect with each other and the world around them. 

At the core of My Character Journal is the belief that one of the greatest possessions in life is neither a grade, a trophy or status; but the awareness that true fulfilment in one’s life comes from being a decent human being and an authentic version of one’s self. 

We are planning to release a new My Character Journal each year and already have in the works various ways your students and teachers could feature in future publications of the journal.

The journal can be enjoyed by any age group, even adults!! We do suggest it is highly suitable for Years 5 – 9 and multiple year levels can and should complete the journal at the same time.

If we haven’t already, we would love to share the My Character Journal with you.  Please get in touch with us to see a sample of the journal and receive an order form for your school.

Ph: 1300 205 101



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